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Review: Mele PCG02 – The Windows 10 Compute Stick with Ethernet

Mele pcg02 review

Mele outdid the Intel Compute Stick with their Mele PCG01 product and has stepped up their game again by adding features requested by the users.

Most of the Compute Sticks on the market today suffer from poor wireless signals and to deal with that people had to purchase a USB Ethernet adapter. This was one extra device you had to not only buy and attach, but it also took up one of the valuable USB slots. Some of the popular compute sticks only have 1 USB slot, including the Mele PCG01 and Mele PCG02.

Another notable upgrade is that the Mele PCG02 now ships with Window 10. The older models did qualify for a FREE upgrade to Windows 10, but you had to go through the whole process of upgrading. Now, with the Mele PCG02, you can pop it into an open HDMI port and run your Windows 10 instantly.

The Specs of the PCG02 consit of:

  • Quadcore Intel Atom Processor
  • 2GB of RAM memory
  • 32GB of NAND Flash Storage
  • 1 USB port
  • 1 micro USB port for charging
  • Built in WIFI with external Antenna
  • Built in Bluetooth 4.0
  • On Board Ethernet port (10/100) It is not gigabit, but still fast!

If you are looking for a compute stick that you can hard wire to your network, this seems to be the best stick available on the market right now. We are still waiting on Intel to see their refreshed version of the Intel Compute Stick.

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