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Mele PCG-01: A Better Compute Stick than Intel’s

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mele pcg01

The Mele PCG-01 also known as the Fanless Intel Compute Stick Mele Pcg01 Quad Core Mini Pc Atom Z3735f 2gb Ddr3 32gb Emmc Hdmi 1.4 Wifi Bluetooth 4.0 Windows 8.1, Is the correct way Intel should of made their Compute Stick.

Intel’s Compute stick uses a tiny built in fan that makes a high pitch noise while running at full speed. The guys in China behind the Mele PCG-01 have taken the Intel Compute Stick and made it a lot better. Here are a few of the major changes that the Mele PCG-01 features over the Intel version.

  • The Mele PCG-01 uses the same Atom Z3735F processor as the Intel Compute Stick, however Mele selected to utilize a copper heatsink and heat conducting silicone to keep the internals cool. Other delicate internals are covered with insulating pads to keep them from retaining undesirable heat. Indeed, even without a fan inside, Mele says you can run the PCG-01 24×7 and it will not shut down or slow down.
  • One of the down falls of the current Intel Compute Stick is the built in wireless. Mele decided that they wanted to fix that by adding an external antenna. Now this wont make a huge difference but it may add 1 or 2 more bars to areas the Intel Compute Stick only gets 1 bar.

Overall the Mele PCG-01 Compute Stick is an excellent choice over the Intel Compute Stick in that it offers all of the same features plus a handful of upgrades. Some of the other generic compute sticks do not come with a fully licensed copy of Windows 8 with Bing. Luckily this one has fully licensed copy and has the option to upgrade to Windows 10 in the future. They are both priced at the same price, so If you can get your hands on a Mele, I would recommend checking them out.

We are waiting on getting a sample here for a review, so stay tuned. It looks like you can purchase the Mele PCG-01 from Amazon now. You just have to wait 6-10 days before they ship.

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