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Review: Jelly Comb Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

jelly comb touchpad keyboard 2

The Jelly Comb (Stainless Steel) Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard With Touchpad for Windows and Android OS – Multi-touch Support with Windows 7 and 8 is a low cost all in one keyboard that will work perfect with your compute stick. This keyboard/mouse combo is very similar to the popular Logitech K400. and the Microsoft All In One Keyboard. If you are planning on using this device with a compute stick it is crucial that you get something small, yet easy to type with, and something that has a built in touchpad. No body wants to have to try using a mouse on the couch. It is just not that comfortable and having 2 separate device is a pain to manage.


  • Uses Bluetooth 3.0  and has operating distance of 10 meters or 32.8 feet;
  • Built-in touchpad with Control of Pointing Feature (Support Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and Android 3.0 – 4.4);
  • Very stylish with a stainless steel design that us ultra thin and ergonomic. It is very durable and is a great all in one unit;
  • Uses 2 AAA batteries that are not included. Has an auto sleep feature that helps save power and extends the battery life;



  • Built in touchpad so you only need one device.
  • Excellent couch surfing keyboard.
  • Excellent wireless range.
  • Supports just about any device.
  • Very stylish



  • Uses 2 AAA batteries that are NOT INCLUDED. It would be nice if this unit had a built in rechargeable battery.
  • Uses Bluetooth 3.0. I would like to see an updated model that supports the latest Bluetooth 4.0.
  • No USB dongle. Have to use Bluetooth. There is a spot in the battery bay where one could go so maybe we will see a change in another version.


jelly comb touchpad keyboard

My Take:

This is an excellent all in one keyboard that I would give a 5 star review of. If you are looking for a Bluetooth keyboard that has a built in touchpad this is the one to try out. I love that it has Bluetooth so that I can save my USB slot on the compute stick for other accessories. I know that I could just use a USB hub, but those tend to get bulky and not fit behind the TV that well.

I really like typing on this keyboard which is around 3/4 the size of a normal keyboard. It is very comfortable and the keys click just fine although they could be more solid but I am not going to complain. For the price this is definitely a compute stick accessory you should check out.

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The is a low cost all in one keyboard that will work perfect with your compute stick. This keyboard/mouse combo is very similar to&hellip;

My Review of the Jelly Comb Keyboard


Great little keyboard for travel and using on the couch. Only real issue is the durability. I would prefer the K400 if I was to travel a lot with it.

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