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Review: Microsoft Wireless All-In-One Media Keyboard (N9Z-00001)

microsoft all in one media keyboard

Today I got to briefly test out the Microsoft Wireless All-In-One Media Keyboard which has a part number of N9Z-00001.

I have been waiting to try this for a long time since it looks amazing especially compared to the Logitech K400, which this is the direct competition for. Everything looks so sleek and clean on the keyboard that makes this keyboard an attractive piece of hardware to have laying around in your family room.

The Microsoft wireless all in one media keyboard was designed to be a one stop shop for your home entertainment system. It features a full sized keyboard with a multi-touch touchpad so you do not have to have a separate mouse laying around.

I really like the media control buttons that are conveniently located. Specifically the handy volume and mute buttons on the left side. I can quickly adjust the volume of my audio source or mute it in a hurry if I have a phone call. Plus you can customize some of the controls to launch your favorite applications with a touch of a button.

This all-in-one multimedia keyboard is also spill proof and extremely durable. Which is great if you are keeping it on your couch and you spill a drink on it you can quickly wipe it up with out worrying if it has been damaged. Not only that, if it falls through the couch it wont get damaged as well as the construction of the plastic is ruggedized and made to withstand heavy use.

Comparing the Microsoft Wireless All-In-One Media Keyboard to the Logitech K400, you will notice that it is very similar in design. The Microsoft keyboard is slightly heavier, but looks a lot nicer. The Logitech K400 seems to be more functional with an exceptional touchpad compared to the lousy touchpad of the Microsoft.

I noticed that some of the multi touch gestures were not working all of the time with the Microsoft touchpad and sometimes it did not register my left and right mouse clicks. This is due to an all in one design of the touchpad with no discernible buttons to press. Unlike the Logitech K400 which has both a left and right mouse button that are easily identifiable.

The keyboard on the Microsoft version is a lot better than the Logitech K400 keyboard in terms of layout and functionality. So in closing Microsoft and Logitech need to collaborate and combine these 2 keyboards together to feature an amazing multi-media keyboard. Microsoft has a great keyboard but a terrible touchpad. Logitech has a great touchpad but terrible keyboard.

Overall I would say that Microsoft offers an excellent keyboard, but at this time I would stick with the Logitech K400 for functionality purposes.

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