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Review: iView Cyber PC Compute Stick Intel Atom Z3735F (1.33GHz) 2GB DDR3 32GB HDD Windows 8.1

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iView Cyber PC

The iView Cyber PC Compute Stick is the world’s smallest computer that comes with a compatible wireless keyboard that is as portable as the Cyber PC. The keyboard that comes with the iView Cyber PC Compute Stick is the Rii Mini i8 2.4GHz Wireless Entertainment Keyboard with Touchpad, which we will have a review up for later.

Processor: 1.33 GHz Intel Atom Z3735F Intel Bay Trail 64 bit Quad-Core processor

Memory: 2Gb DDR3 1.35V 1333mhz (soldered down)

Graphics: Intel HD graphics via 1x HDMI 1.3a male plug

Audio: Multi-channel digital audio via HDMI interface

Peripheral Connectivity: 1x USB 2.0 Type-A host port on side

Storage: 32GB eMMC flash Storage (soldered down) and a Micro SDXC Slot with UHS-I Support for up to 128GB of extra storage.

Networking: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0

Enclosure: Dimensions: Approx. 103mm x 37mm x 12mm. Also a 3x3mm security Loop

Power Supply: MicroUSB power connector & cable via 5V/2A Wall-wart style with US (includes Japan), AUS, UK and EU interchangeable plugs

Additional Features: Pre-installed OS: Windows* 8.1, HDMI Extender Cable, Power LED, Power Button, One Year Warranty

Inside the box you will find the Compute Stick, Charging Cable, HDMI Cable, Charging Adapter, and Warranty Card.

The system boots really fast in to Windows 8.1. The iView Cyper PC is a full fledged system that is not only very powerful it is very portable and convenient. It can be used for both work and play and you can carry it anywhere. There are endless uses for this device and you no longer have to lug around a laptop or tablet. At a price of around $100 these are great little devices that we definitely recommend.

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