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[Video] Intel Compute Stick Bios walk through

Here is a quick run through of the Bios that is on the Intel Compute Stick. Please remember that this is a pre-production engineering sample of the Intel Compute stick so some things may change in the final version.

Overall it is a pretty basic Intel bios, where you can turn on and off features. I did set the setting for performance as that was not on by default. The only thing I have noticed is that you can hear the fan(s) spin up when you are doing intensive tasks like watching a 1080p video.


  1. Christian says:

    A great Video. This Stick might be a perfect PC for a Micro Photo Booth. Hope to get it soon.

  2. SBO says:

    Really good but also filled with a faster processor.
    Suitable for use in graphics and much more.

  3. Corky says:

    This doesn’t say how to get into the bios, I pressed all f keys but it won’t go into bios

  4. iComputeStick says:

    I think it is Del or F1. Will have to check when I get home

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