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Review: MeeGoPad Stick T01 Windows 8.1

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The MeeGoPad Stick T01 Windows 8.1 TV Stick Wintel Compute Stick with Intel Bay Trail Z3735F Quad Core CPU Smart Mini PC Pocket Computer with Bluetooth 4.0 HDMI 1080P (Black)

CPU: Intel Atom Quad Core (Intel Bay Trail CR,Z3735F)

RAM: 2GB DDR3 Memory

Hard Drive: 32GB

Operating System: Windows 8.1 (unactivated) + Android 4.4

Connection: HDMI

Networking: 2.4G WiFi 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0

Extra Features: WiDi Wireless Display support, USB 2.0, Micro USB, SD card Slot

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