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MeegoPad TB05 Dual Boot Android & Windows 8

The MeegoPad TB05 has taken the newly released Intel Compute Stick and added the option of Android 4.4 OS as well. Basically it has the same chassis as the Intel compute stick but instead of the Intel logo it has the Meego Pad logo.

The gerneric MeegoPad Tb05 also has the same specs as the Intel compute stick with 32GB of onboard flash memory storage and 2GB of ram. It also has built in WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0.

The downside of this device is that it only comes with a Windows 8.1 testing version and you will have to activate the windows license yourself. They also state that Android 4.4 is supported but they do not install it for you at the factory. You will have to do this on your own. They have found that Android 4.4 OS is not that stable on the compute stick right now.

Considering that the price of the TB05 is under $100 and the Intel Compute Stick costs $150. This may be an option for those that want to get the same specs of the Intel Compute Stick and load Android or Linux on the device to take adavantage of the better hardware. The office Linux version of the Intel compute stick only comes with 8GB of storage and 1GB of Ram.

My Take:

If you are someone who wants the higher specs of the Windows version of the Intel compute Stick to install Linux this is a cheaper alternative. If you are looking for something cheaper than the official Intel Compute Stick With Windows 8.1, than this is not your choice as it only comes with a testing license. You will have to have a copy of Windows 8.1 which will increase your cost.

Since it is a testing version of windows it will ask you to activate it and the activation code will state that it is invalid. You will have to purchase a valid code for Windows 8.1, not only that but they installed Windows 8.1 32bit. This is a 64bit device so it degrades performance if you are running 32bit. Bottom line you will have to either Install a new copy of Windows 8.1, Linux, or Android to make this work properly so if you are not that technical you may want to stay away from this device.


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