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Intel Falls City Compute Stick

intel compute stick
There are 2 versions of the Intel Falls City Compute Sticks that will be available. Both of the devices will be taking advantage of the Intel Atom Bay Trail processor. These 2 models will be available in Q2 2015 and will run production through Q1 of 2016.

1. Falls City (Windows) – 32GB eMMC, 2GB RAM, HDMI, USB2, WiFi/Bluetooth 4.0, Win8.1 w/ Bing – STCK1A32WLC – ETA Release Date is 04/27/2015

2. Falls City (Linux) – 8GB eMMC, 1GB RAM, HDMI, USB2, WiFi/Bluetooth 4.0, Ubuntu 14.04 – STCK1A8LLC – ETA Release Date is 05/31/2015


Some of the benefits of the Falls City Compute Stick include:

  • Quad Core processor for fast speed and multi-tasking
  • Solid graphics performance
  • Wireless built-in (WiFi-BGN and Bluetooth)
  • Additional Storage (MicroSD card, USB 2.0)
  • Security Loop and McAfee Antivirus Plus (for Win version only)
  • Windows and Linux OS options

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