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Intel Compute Stick – A Brand You Can Trust

intel Compute Stick

The Intel branded Compute Stick is right around the corner. Currently there are a ton of options when it comes to compute sticks. Although most of them are physically an intel Compute Stick just re-branded some people prefer to purchase directly from Intel. Just like some people prefer to purchase HP or Dell computers instead of a custom built system by a smaller company.

Amazon has just listed the Intel Compute Stick Windows BOXSTCK1A32WFCR which is currently available to preorder with an ETA of May 1st 2015. The preorder price is set at $149.99, but this price may change as we get closer to the release date.

The Intel Compute Stick allows you to transform any HDMI display into a fully functional computer running Windows 8.1. It features a quadcore Intel Atom processor with 2GB of Ram and 32Gb of storage. The Intel Compute Stick BOXSTCK1A32WFCR also has Bluetooth 4.0, built-in wireless, a USB port, and a micro SD card slot for additional storage.

This device is great for light productivity including streaming media such as Netflix and Hulu. With the Intel brand name you can’t go wrong and you know they will provide their top notch support, unlike others who are sourced in China.

Stay tuned as I receive more news about the upcoming launch of the Intel Compute Stick I will post it here.

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