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Google Chromebit – A Computer on a Stick


With Google seeing Intel and other companies rolling out Compute Sticks, they decided that they wanted in on this breakthrough device as well. Google has partnered up with ASUS to produce a Compute Stick they call the Chromebit. This hand held pocket PC will allow you to travel with your computer anywhere and is much smaller than your iPad, Tablet, Laptop, or even your cell phone.

The Chromebit offers some basic functionality but will not please all markets. You will be able to email, watch online video, produce word documents, and make and edit spreadsheets. For the average user this is an affordable way to upgrade your aging PC. However, the Compute Sticks and specifically the Chromebit will not be a good choice for those needing more than just basic computing power.

Those that want to be able to access Netflix, Hulu, or compete with Apple TV will certainly be able to do it for a very low cost.

You will not be able to do any kind of heavy-duty gaming, video editing, or run other intensive applications. Overall for the majority of new PC buyers a Compute Stick might be a viable option.

Compute Sticks also have a great advantage for business owners who need a cheap system to run digital signage and power kiosks. Since these devices can effortlessly stream HD content and even 4K content, they can be an excellent way to power billboards, in-store displays or any other device that requires a dedicated PC.

We know that Intel will be releasing a more powerful unit than today’s Compute Sticks and I imagine Google will follow suite. We can only expect that the large PC towers will be a thing of the past soon.

Look for the Google ChromeBit to be released later this summer. Pricing and specs are still not finalized, but expect the Google Chromebit to be priced around $100-$150.

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