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Intel Compute Stick Security Loop

I had a reader ask what security loop works with the Intel Compute Stick because he did not see any Kensington locks available. In the user guide Intel tells you that the Security cable loop is not included but you can build one. I don’t know about you, but most people don’t like to build things. They want something easy and ready to go.

I know for a fact that if a school purchased 1000 compute sticks, they would not want to build security locks by hand. They would want all the parts in a nice package with the correct size cable and length.

If you do decide to build a cable lock yourself here are the instructions that Intel provides.intel compute stick security lock

  1. Install a security cable loop in the security opening on the edge of the Intel Compute Stick. The security opening is 3mm x 3mm. ( I am guessing as long as you can find a ring that is that size it should work. Somehow you would need to clap it together or solder/weld it together. Maybe someone with more knowledge can comment below)
  2. I think the best option would be to take a high quality security cable that fits within the 3mm x 3mm through the security opening and then crimp the ends together with a cable sleeve.

I think that option 2 is the best bet. You would just need a cable and 2 sleeves that you crimp to make it work. based on my research here is a kit that should work on the Intel Compute Stick as well as any other compute stick that has the small security holes. Unfortunately if you need just one security loop this may be overkill. You will get 32ft and 50 clamps. This could secure 25 compute sticks. Luckily the price is very cheap.

security cable loop


Hoisting 7×7 1.2mm Diameter Stainless Steel Flexible Wire Rope 32.8Ft [Amazon]

Loos Cableware SL1-2 Aluminum Duplex Oval Crimping Sleeve Set for 1/16″ Diameter Wire Rope (50 Piece) [Amazon]


If you guys know of a better way or a cheaper alternative let me know and I will update this post.


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