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4 Cool ways to use your Compute Stick

So now that you have a compute stick, what are the coolest things you can do with it? Once you get it hooked up to a large HDTV you have a full large screen PC from a pocket sized computer. You can bring it just about anywhere, a friend’s house, a hotel, or even an office with a lounge that has a HDTV with an available HDMI port.

It only takes a few seconds to set up the compute stick and there is 4 cool things that I would like to show you. These include:

  1. Stream Video
  2. Do a presentation
  3. Work Online
  4. Play Games

You are all done with you day and you want to kick back and watch a few videos or 2 on a large screen TV. You can bring up YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or just about any streaming video service or streaming video website. You can do this all from the browser or downloading the app.


You can do work with a compute stick as well. Instead of carrying around a 5 lb. laptop, you can carry a 2 oz. compute stick. (So as long as you have a keyboard/mouse and HDTV available) You can get a very handy all in one Keyboard that has a touchpad that is very small and lightweight like the Rii Mini.

If you don’t have access to a HDTV it may be possible to carry a super light mini projector and project it right onto the wall.

Ivation Portable Rechargeable HDMI Projector for Movies, Presentations, Photo Sharing & More – Includes Tripod & Carrying Case – Compatible with most Smartphones, Tablets & Laptops

portable mini projector Ivation Review

Now you can get into your work email, documents, and even launch a power point presentation.

Lastly, Now that you are finished with your work to you play some games on the Compute Stick. You won’t be able to play super hi resolution games that are graphics intensive, but you will be able to play simple arcade games like Angry Birds and other apps you would find on a cell phone. But the cool part is you can play them on a large screen TV or projected to the wall with the mini travel projector.

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